Metallurgical internship in Ukraine

Понедельник, 05 Ноябрь 2018


Stephan Bongers

  • Должность: Student
  • Звание, степень: Bachelor of Engineering
  • Город: Germany

  • Тип доклада

    Информационное сообщение


    The presentation will deal with the previous stay at the National Metallurgical University. Among other things the previous experiences and calculated simulation with the simulation software Q-Form will be shown. The simulation with the unknown program Q-Form had to be learned first. After a few introductory examples, it was possible to simulate independently using selected examples. Among other things, simulations in the area of hot forming as well as cold forming were simulated. The task consisted not only of searching for suitable materials and parameters, but also of selecting a suitable mesh geometry. The calculation time could be reduced by an optimal adaptation of mesh density and size. In addition, an outlook is given on future work in the field of 3D printing. Here a model is to be provided by CAD and printed in the further process of the internship.

    Furthermore an overview of the previous trips to Charkiw and Odessa within the scope of the internship will be given.

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