DAAD-Project - Internship Metallurgy

Понедельник, 05 Ноябрь 2018


Sebastian Büsse

  • Должность: Student
  • Звание, степень: Bachelor of Engineering
  • Город: Germany

  • Тип доклада

    Информационное сообщение


    This presentation should give a small overview about my activity as a scientific assistant in Germany and about my activity at the National Metallurgical University. Besides my scientific work at this university, the presentation shows my private travels through Ukraine.

    My scientific work refers mainly to the FEM simulation software "QForm" and my "student research project". With "QForm" I use the opportunity to get to know different processes like forging or cold forming. In my student research project I mainly do literature research and try to understand another simulation software. The software is called "Simufact. In my student research project, I compare two materials with each other, I will carry out various test procedures such as tensile tests, tensile compression tests and torsion tests. Afterwards i will prepare the results for simulation and set up a numerical modell for general use.

    At the end of the presentation I talk about my travels to Odessa and Kharkiv and what I experienced. Finally, I give a further overview of all the activities that are still planned. Both scientifically and privately.

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